Digital and not.

Yes, of course, we all love or hate the digital competence aims and how to keep up with the development and so on. I think the important aspect is to keep track of digital possibilities as well as we can, but here is a good classic example of how to learn a language. It’s probably […]

Late elever

Du tror sikkert du har mange late elever i klasserommet ditt? Les første kapittel av John Hattie og Gregory Yates “Synlig læring”, 2014. Her er et utdrag: Mental tilgjengelighet, hvor lett tilgjengelig er all lagret informasjon? Når informasjonen er vanskelig å hente frem, føler man seg ukomfortabel, mindre selvsikker og mindre motivert til å handle.(s.39). […]

Lacuna stories

More complete platforms being constructed for online work, sharing and annotation work. I imagine there will quickly be more software competing in this area. It’s an interesting tool as it presents itself today. Read more about it from Jan Rune Hatlen who has visited Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis and learnt more about […]

Kursdag for engelsklærere i Sandnes i Rogaland fylke

15. februar var det kursdag i vgs. i Rogaland. Gjennom BroAschehoug ble jeg engasjert som foredragsholder for engelsklærerne i fylket og jeg møtte både nervøs og godt forberedt opp på Vågen vgs. i Sandnes med dette oppdraget i kofferten: Kursinnhold er som følger: Praksisnære og konkrete eksempler på yrkesrettet undervisningsopplegg Hvordan vi kan yrkesrette engelskfaget […]

Second Language Learners’ language.

The national strategy plan for promoting language, reading and writing skills in the Norwegian school system, has been put into practice and there are numerous agents in action in the endavour to materialize it. Here follows a brief didactical reflection in the field of English and foreign languages, which serves to illustrate ways to approach […]

The microphone

You can film using your phone easily of course, but some basic equipment should be at hand if you want to use audio-visual methods in the classroom. I learnt something important today as I was out hunting for a simple microphone to use with my iPhone. 1. Most shops which sell electronic equipment store mainly […]